Business-monitoring software

Improve card is an enterprise software that provides the overview of company effectiveness. It helps owners, directors and employees to keep track of the efficiency and results of their business area and take necessary measures if needed.

Users choose business areas that need to be monitored, such as sales, write-offs, error numbers, employee stimulations, etc. The application offers user-friendly review of selected areas and possibility of tracking trends and results.

There are three levels of usage:

  • manual data input or download from prepared files
  • as an IOT solution – data is taken directly from machines
  • application of AI as a support in decision making

Since all the data is on the Cloud, the app can be used anywhere

Improve Card
Easy colour scheme monitoring
Comparison through time
Internal control and monitoring system
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ISO 9001 Conformity Software

Qualy is an enterprise software for manufacturing companies that have ISO 9001 certificate.

It helps companies to track the quality standards and simplifies the process of alignment with the ISO standard, in terms of managing nonconformities. With Qualy, companies can do the entire process digitally, on one place.

It offers simple, user-friendly way to enter the non-conformity report, share it, solve and monitor.

Fast data entry
Saves time
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