Founder/Chief executive officer

Lovro, as a founder of Elproms manages the projects with development team. He focuses on the software part of the projects and participates in design of Electronic embedded systems.

Lovro is very ambitious and enjoys working on complex projects, always seeks new challenges and is very good at motivating the team.

He is a student at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, program Computing.


Founder/Chief executive officer

Josip is a founder of Elproms. He manages the development team. His focus is on hardware part of the project, but also participates in a design of the software solutions.

He is goal-oriented, productive and enjoys designing new technology solutions.

Josip is a student at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, program Intelligent Transport Systems.


Chief operating officer

Nedeljko Štefanić is the director of Elproms and has the role of Chief Operating Officer.

He has great experience in the area of Digital transformation and Lean management and launched the project “100 Smart factories” in Croatia.

Professor Štefanić trained at Toyota Motor Company in Japan and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in the field of Lean management.

His focus is on the business expansion and client service.


Chief technology officer

Ivan Vlainić is the Chief technology officer in Elproms and one of Home Automation pioneers in Croatia. He possesses great experience in renewable energy sources and Additive Manufacturing. He introduced Smart Home Systems in Croatia and initiated the design of high school curriculum for Smart Home.

In Elproms he is responsible for project management and technology matters.


Marketing manager

Lucija joined the team in November 2019. With the educational and business background in Marketing, she brought the company a new set of skills required for the market positioning of the Elproms brand and products.

Before Elproms, Lucija worked in prominent Croatian and international companies.

She holds a Masters degree from the Faculty of Economics & Business in Zagreb and finished education for Online Advertising Specialist at Algebra University College.


Lead hardware engineer

Anton is our Lead hardware engineer. He joined the team in 2019 and is responsible for hardware design, assembly and testing. Anton is one of our core members in charge of preparing the final product for manufacturing.

He specializes in electronic product development and measurements.