Part 1

Part 1


Motivated guys, enthusiastic professor and one visionary project


The Elproms story begins in the Technical school Samobor. Josip Oroz,  Lovro Stipanović and Martin Sokolović attended this school where their interaction with professor Ivan Vlainić shaped their way of entering the world of innovation.

With school colleague and friend Martin Sokolović and under mentorship of professor Vlainić, Josip and Lovro started the project of creating “3D Scientific Submarine”.

It took many hours of research and work to get the first prototype but in 2017. the submarine was ready for revealing.


Part 2

Part 2


The journey begins


The prototype was working and it was time to show the submarine to the world. At this moment the whole project shifted into the higher speed.

With the continuous leadership and mentorship provided by professor Vlainić, the team got support from Croatian Association of Innovators and Technical Culture and Information Technology Pedagogue Society of Samobor.

The team won multiple awards on innovation competitions in Croatia:

  • 11th International Youth Innovation, Economy and Technical Fair in Ilok  – golden medal
  • State Review of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FER)  – golden medal
  • 4th Inter-County Innovation Exhibition in Ivanić Grad – golden medal
  • 9th Zagreb Energy Week, Zagreb (Croatia) – second place

It was time to go international and the team did so, traveling around the world, receiving great reactions anywhere they went. The next list of awards is proof of that.

  • SVIIF (Silicon Valley International Invention Festival, California) – golden medal
  • China International Innovation Fair – golden medal
  • International innovation fair (Turkey) – golden medal
  • IENA - International Trade Fair – Ideas, Inventions, New products (Nurnberg) – golden medal
  • 47th International exhibition of inventions (Geneva) – golden medal
  • International Innovation and Consumer Electronics Show (South Korea) – silver medal

Sounds amazing, right? smile


Part 3

Part 3


Shaping the future


The efforts were obviously worth-while and there was great potential for future endeavours.

Lovro, at that time a student at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture met professor Nedeljko Štefanić. It was one of the crucial moments for the next chapter in the Elproms story.

Professor Štefanić, as one of the Croatian leaders in developing and promoting Industry 4.0, encouraged Josip and Lovro to continue innovating within their own company.


Part 4

Part 4

2018. - 2019.

Elproms is born


Professor encouraged Lovro to organize a team and start a company. With Lovro and Josip as founders and Nedeljko as its director, in October 2018, company Elproms Team was established.

The company deals with three main business areas, based on the Internet of Things technology:

  • home automation (Smart Home) and upgrading of traffic infrastructure (Smart City),
  • web platforms/applications for industry systems and smart sensors (Industry 4.0),
  • modern event management solutions.

At the 2019 Hannover Fair, the team met the representatives from Indian company Gelco, which specialises in electronics manufacturing. The team visited Gelco headquarters in India and formed a partnership with Gelco. We expect great things from this cooperation. Also, the team started to expand - first addition to the team was Lucija Zvonar, marketing expert.


The story continues


New expectations


We entered 2020. with big plans and great enhusiasm. Anton, our latest addition, joined the team as a Lead Hardware Engineer. Enforced with talented and eager young people, we continue working on new innovations and projects.