Elproms is an IT company focused on creating solutions based on the Internet of things technology. It was founded in 2018. in Zagreb, Croatia.

Three main business areas are:

  • home automation (Smart Home) and upgrading of traffic infrastructure (Smart City),
  • web platforms/applications for industry systems and smart sensors (Industry 4.0),
  • modern event management solutions.

Innovation, trend prediction, creativity and focus on the goal achievement are the foundations of the business strategy.

Elproms is actively participating in digital transformation with two enterprise software solutions it developed - Improve Card and Qualy. These solutions enable companies to:

  • digitally transform their business,
  • increase efficiency,
  • save time,
  • act environmentally friendly.

Currently, the team is working on creating home and industry automation system, that will increase security and effectiveness of energy consumption.

By creating software and hardware solutions for companies and individuals, Elproms is positioning itself as a desirable partner and participant in the development of the Croatian and global markets.


Vision, mission and company values



As a leader in home and industry automation, we shall set the security, quality and efficiency standards, and provide superior user experience to our customers.


The continuous development, experience, investment in the know-how and expert staff have enabled us to create simple, efficient and secure solutions for home, business and city automation.

Company values

  • We want to be the best in what we do.
  • We strive for perfection in everything we do.
  • The quality level of our products and services is always at the same, top level.
  • We set new standards and market trends.
  • New challenges motivate and encourage us to develop.
  • Teamwork is the foundation of our success.
  • We are working on continuous employee growth.

Elproms Team j.d.o.o.

Headquarters: Savska cesta 41, 10000 Zagreb

OIB: 46119006103

Mail: info@elproms.com

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